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Striptease in restaurants (article taken down)



Regular guests call restaurants with striptease as ‘box’ as each small room is well secluded by partitions without a window and each man is coupled with a young ‘worker of entertainment’.

They are all guarded by bulky men at the entrance gate. Motorbikes are also parked with the number plates facing the wall as if to hide owners’ identification.

The kind of service is totally illegal, but it’s interesting to find out that it’s not difficult at all to find those restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City and in other cities in Vietnam.

VND5 million for two minutes

In a day during the holiday on the threshold of the New Year, in Binh Tan District, where is considered the ‘center’ of striptease restaurants, a group of men got off a taxi and entered Mai Trinh 1 restaurant. Yet, they were sweetly refused.

The owner, a woman in her age of 30s, introduced herself Tuyet. She coddled herself with guests, “Pardon me, it’s crowded here now, can’t take you in.”

“Please come to Mai Trinh 2, just close here,” she added.

Just less than five minutes after entering into the new one, some 100m away from the previous, the men were courted with two girls and Tuyet.

“Why only two? No more?” one of the men asked.

“So many guests now, but these girls come to greet you first and others will follow,” Tuyet replied gently.

After several cans of beer opened, Tuyet winked at her girls and they began their striptease shows. Underwear was thrown to the floor.

Tuyet was then talking on mobile phone to tell the way to her restaurants. “Come here quickly, I have both birds perching and flying,” she joked, meaning her girls can meet all desires.

Tuyet also took off her clothes amid cheers by guests and other girls.

One of the girls began her ‘special show’ by picking banknotes that men scattered on the table as the fee of the show, with her genitals.

Receiving a copious tip for the show, the girls turned up maximum volume of the music tape and danced and mincing with all their flesh exposed in front of guests.

The show came to its end with a new scene: beer bathing. All girls opened beer cans and took turn to pour onto their bodies one another.

Within only two minutes from the beginning, the show ended. Beer and tip cost in total VND5 million (US$238).

Saying goodbye to the guests, Tuyet said, “I have to come back to Mai Trinh 1 as new guests are waiting for me.”

She didn’t forget to remind her girls to serve men wholeheartedly before striking out her high-heeled shoes out of the door.

Not going far, striptease restaurants can also be found in the center of Ho Chi Minh City with similar shows.

The most reputable restaurants can be named as Anh Tuan on Nguyen Van Dau Street in Binh Thanh District, Karaoke New York on Le Lai Street in District 1, spa Glee in Tan Binh District.

In some restaurants, the girls are willing to have sex with guests in the rooms or come to hotel at average price of VND500,000 ($24).

Spa Glee, which even produces a collection of its male staff, is reported a rendez-vous of homosexual guys.