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My neighbor, the elephant. #Saigon Zoo

My neighbor, the elephant. #Saigon Zoo via Instagram

Has Vietnam fully recovered from the effects of the Vietnam War?

My answer to this Quora question:

What were the effects of the Vietnam War? The government that dissolved South Vietnam still rules. There is still Agent Orange contamination although this is disputed by the U.S. The economy of Saigon (which has been renamed Ho Chi Minh City since the end of the war) has grown rapidly in recent years but is nowhere near where it would be had the city kept growing with American aid and without severe interruption since the 70s.

However, most of what affects Vietnam today is all due to Vietnam itself rather than what happened some four decades ago. There are no war-torn buildings as buildings in Vietnam are regularly demolished and upgraded. Americans aren’t hated or secretly resented, rather they are welcomed with open arms as they represent money and investment as well as a huge export market. Most of the population isn’t old enough to remember the war, and most of them weren’t even alive then.

Attitudes may differ slightly in the North and the South. But for the most part, Vietnamese people have long been over the American War and have moved well on from it.

Street monkeys in Phnom Penh

Street monkeys in Phnom Penh via Instagram

Making Webcomics at BarCamp Phnom Penh #barcamppp

Making Webcomics at BarCamp Phnom Penh #barcamppp via Instagram